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Dove Thermal are engineering designers specializing in the production of thermal plant, processes and machinery. Where necessary, we can help in drawing-up the Terms of Reference framework for a prospective project, supported by a Gantt-charted project management plan setting out agreed objectives and timescales. Our competence in providing engineering design services at all levels of industry and commerce guarantees the knowledge and integrity expected of established professionals in this field.

Factory Services

Having undertaken over fifty factory services projects as thermal engineering consultants and main contractors - and delivered a similar number of technical product designs for clients throughout the U.K. - Dove Thermal has the necessary experience and capability to listen, help and advise on problems in manufacturing and product engineering processes. We have been engaged as experts in all aspects of HVRAC applications, combustion, heat transmission and fluid systems, and received a Design Council Award for “Consistent high standards of project management and design capability”.

Air Movement Systems

Our experience as industrial aerodynamics and fan engineering consultants includes aircraft undercarriage and wind tunnel design, locomotive and DMU development, and road vehicle systems engineering. It covers a broad span of aerospace testing and development applications, maritime and environmental issues, together with large- space climate control installations.

Biothermal Plant & Equipment

Dove Thermal is developing autoclaving techniques for the steam and dry gas explosion of ligneous and herbaceous material, and have originated process support equipment for biomass drying, syngas processing and hydrolization. Our high speed thermodynamic valves for accelerated steam explosion and blow-off have radically improved food processing techniques. We have designed and built several wood waste heating plants, and act as thermal engineering consultants for new project development. Upon completion, we help our clients to register with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and gain self-supplier status on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

Noise and Vibration

Our innovations in noise and vibration control include the reactive mass balancing of rotating machinery, control of machine noise and vibration, and architectural acoustic doors tuned to attenuate specific sound frequencies. We also undertake - and resolve issues arising from - Plant Noise Surveys, Environmental Noise Measurement programmes, and represent client companies involved in planning reviews and public enquiries.

Our Credentials

With over 30 years’ experience as engineering designers, we provide resources corresponding with those formerly available through the DTI's Manufacturing and Design Advisory Services operated by the Production Engineering Research Association (PERA) and the Design Council respectively. We received a Design Council award for “Consistent High Standards of Project Management and Design Capability” as its long-term provider of engineering design services for thermally-related products, plant and systems.

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